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What is better - Capitalism or the Alternatives?

Posted on 26 May 2019
Category: Politics
Author: Steve Vail

Throughout history from the earliest records of the earliest known civilizations, great governments and kingdoms have risen and fallen. Many of them have victoriously conquered others only to later find themselves conquered by another. While the idea of an evolved utopian-like society (or world for that matter) where bullies and would-be conquerors are non-existent is very appealing, I'm afraid it's also untenable and a pipe-dream at best.

There are those among us, however here in the good old US of A, that believe if you give the government enough control and power, they (the government) via their awesome benevolent nature (I'm being sarcastic) will bring about or at least speed up the evolution toward the aforementioned utopian-like society.

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